Music/Narrative Resume

Studio recording, tracking conducted in Power Base in Wisner, Nebraska, at MCC in Omaha, Nebraska, and with remote rigs.
Duties: recording (various tracks), co-mixing, mastering

Studio recording, tracks 1-5 tracked in Power Base Studio in Wisner, Nebraska.
Duties: recording (tracks 1-5), co-mixing, mastering

Studio Recording in Power Base in Wisner, Nebraska.
Duties: recording, co-mixing

Studio Recording in Power Base in Wisner, Nebraska. All tracking completed in one weekend.
Duties: recording, mixing, mastering

Lofi, low track count, demo for 2-piece that would eventually outfit itself into a full band.
Duties: Remote recording, mixing

Lofi, low track count EP.
Duties: Remote recording, mixing

An album recorded mostly by the band itself using budget gear and aiming for vintage vibes.
Duties: Co-engineering on Track 1, various BV and lead guitar dubs remote. Co-Mixing.

The Inselberg Effect
(duties performed: Foley/Post/Mastering)